El Baile del Estornino

Cover illustration for the book El baile del estornino (The Dance of the Starling), edited by Marli Brosgen.

This book includes the script of the short film “El baile del estornino”, the story board, the prologue by the short film’s director, Bárbara Fdez, and the original story by Nacho Antelo, which inspired the short film.

I recommend watching the trailer of the short film, it’s a masterpiece: https://vimeo.com/473943837

El baile del estornino is the story of a boy who had a relationship in the Madrid of the 80s in complete secrecy. The fear of flying away from the mass and of being seen from the distance, gave rise to a relationship in which everything was kept hidden.

I want us to be like two starlings
away from the mass that continue the flight maintaining their own synchronicity

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